Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Member Engineering, Railway Board gives away the President’s Home Guard and Civil Defence Medals to Railway Employees

Shri Subodh Jain, Member Engineering, Railway Board
Shri Subodh Jain, Member Engineering, Railway Board gave away the President’s Home Guard and Civil Defence Medals to Shri Udayan P. Bhange, Sr. Technician & Pt. CDI/South East Central Railway and Shri V.V. Marathe, Sr. CDI/South Western Railway at a Civil Defence Conference-2013 held in New Delhi. 

These Railway employees have actively participated in Civil Defence activities and were selected for this year’s President’s Home Guard and Civil Defence Medals as recognition of their meritorious services. 

Also presented on the occasion were Shri Pradeep Kumar, Additional Member (Civil Engineering)/Railway Board and Shri Alok Kumar, Executive Director/Civil Engineering (General), Railway Board, Shri Aseervatham Achary, Deputy Director/CE-I and Shri Sanjay Kumar, Section Officer/CE-I. 

While congratulating the awardees for their exemplary services, Shri Subodh Jain emphasized the importance of civil defence activities in Indian Railways especially during the period of natural calamity and also during unfortunate incidents of railway accidents. 

He also remarked that how at the time of railway accidents, large number of Volunteers trained in Search & Rescue, Fire Fighting, Basic Life Support, Emergency Welfare Services, Disposal of Dead etc., assist the Indian Railways in organizing various service groups for dealing with public concerns at the accident site.

 The Civil Defence Unit of Railways has played a very viable and potent role not only during Train Accidents but also during Natural Disasters such as Tsunami in South India and the Himalayan Tsunami in Uttarakhand. 

Civil Defence in India has been established 55 years ago. 

Initially, it was established for the protection of community and national assets during War Emergencies. 

Railways have always played a major role in transporting Military Personnel and War Equipment to the War front making it a vulnerable target for the enemy Air force. 

The Civil Defence in Railways has been objectively organized for achieving the goals of (i) Saving Life and Property, (ii) Minimizing damage after the event, (iii) Maintaining continuity of Production Centers, and (iv) Raising Public Morale. 

The Conference deliberated on various issues related to implementation of Civil Defence Policy, suggestions on specific issues and for co-ordinating with Zonal Railways/PUs etc., each of which undertake duties not only during wartime but also during peacetime. 

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