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Prpoosals for Repair of Water Bodies

During the XthPlan, a Pilot Scheme namely, “Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR) of water bodies directly linked to Agriculture” was launched in January, 2005 with an outlay of Rs. 300 crore wit1h 75% central assistance by Government of India and 25% by State Government.  

Under the Pilot Scheme,1098 water bodies were taken up for restoration in 26 districts in 15 States, out of which 1085 water bodies were completed and remaining 13 water bodies were dropped.  A central assistance of Rs. 197.30 crore was released to the States under the Pilot Scheme.

During the XI Plan, Government of India had launched two state sector schemes for Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR)  of  water bodies,( i) one  with domestic support with an outlay of  Rs. 1250 crore and (ii) another with external assistance with an outlay of Rs. 1500 crore for implementation.

Under the scheme of Domestic Support, a total number of 3341 water bodies were taken up during XI Plan for restoration in 12 states, out of which 1893 water bodies have been completed so far. 

 Total central grant amounting to Rs. 852.289 crore has been released for these water bodies.  Under the scheme of External Assistance, 10887 water bodies were taken up for restoration in the states of Andhra Pradesh,Odisha, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

                The scheme on Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR) of water bodies for continuation during XII Plan has been approved by Government of India on 20.9.2013 and accordingly guidelines have been issued in October, 2013.  

It is envisaged to take up RRR works in 10,000 water bodies with a Central Assistance of Rs. 6235 crore.  Out of 10000 water bodies, 9000 water bodies are proposed to be in rural areas and balance 1000 water bodies will be in urban areas. The proposal of water bodies where the Integrated Water Management Programme (IWMP) is implemented, would be considered to be included under the scheme RRR of water bodies.

Under the scheme of RRR of water bodies with domestic support, a total of 1592 water bodies were taken up for restoration in 10 states during 2010-11 and 2011-12 of XI Plan.  The funds amounting to Rs. 435.8190 crore have been released to the states for these schemes so far.  The state-wise details of water bodies taken up are given in Annexure-I.  

The continuation of RRR Scheme for Water Bodies was approved by the Union Govt. on 20-9-2013 in the XII Plan and guidelines have accordingly been issued in October, 2013.  However, proposals as per these guidelines are yet to be received from State Government.

As per the approved scheme for continuation of Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR) of water bodies during XIIPlan on 20.9.2013, the central assistance is provided in the form of grant which is 90% of the project cost only in case of special category states (North-Eastern states, Hilly states – Himachal, J&K andUttarakhand and undivided KoraputBolangir and Kalahandi (KBK) districts of Odisha) and projects benefitting special areas (DPAP areas, tribal area, desert development programme, naxal affected areas of general category states) and 25% of the project cost in case of non-special category states of areas. 

The state-wise details of funds released and water bodies taken up under the scheme of RRR of water bodies with domestic support are given in Annexure-II.

                This information was given by Union Water Resources Minister Shri Harish Rawat  in written reply to a written question in the Lok Sabha today.

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