Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Deaths Due to Road Accidents

In the past decade (2003-2012),  a total  number of 11,54,553 persons were killed and 49,61,970 persons were injured in road accidents in India.

The Working Group on Road Accidents, Injury Prevention and Control set up by the Planning Commission in the year 2000 had assessed the social cost of road accidents in India at Rs. 55,000 crore  which constituted about 3% of the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of the country in the year 1999-2000.

This Ministry has taken a number of measures to prevent road accidents and the details are -
-         The Government has formulated a National Road Safety Policy. This Policy outlines various policy measures such as promoting awareness, establishing road safety information data base, encouraging safer road infrastructure including application of intelligent transport, enforcement of safety laws, emergency medical services for road accidents etc.

-         The Ministry has requested all the States/UTs for setting up of State Road Safety Council and District Road Safety Committees, if not already done, and to hold their meetings regularly so that the right message to curb the menace of Road Accidents reaches  all concerned and due priority is given to road safety.

-         It is ensured that road safety is the integral part of road design at planning stage.
-         Various steps to enhance road safety such as road furniture, road markings/road signs, introduction of Highway Traffic Management System using Intelligent Transport System, enhancement of discipline among contractors during construction, road safety audit on selected stretches, have been undertaken by National Highways Authority of India.

-         Refresher training to Heavy Motor Vehicle drivers in the unorganized sector being implemented by the Ministry since 1997-98 under plan activities.

-         Setting up of Driving Training School in the States by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

-         Publicity campaign on road safety awareness both through the audio-visual and print media by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

-         Tightening of safety standards of vehicles like Seat Belts, Power-steering, rear view Mirror etc.

-         Providing cranes and ambulances to various State Governments/UTs under National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme. 347 ten ton crane, 106 small recovery cranes for hilly areas and 579 ambulanced provided under the scheme. 

National Highways Authority of India also provides ambulances at a distance of 50 Km. on each of its completed stretches of National Highways under its Operation & Maintenance contracts.

-         The Government is also implementing a pilot project for cashless treatment of road accident victims on the Gurgaon-Jaipur Stretch of National Highway-8. The project envisages deployment of Ambulances for transportation of road accident victims on the identified stretch of NH-8 to a Government hospital or an empanelled hospital. Cashless treatment for the first 48 hours or up to Rs. 30,000/- whichever is reached earlier, at CGHS rates/AIIMS rates will be provided in case of treatment at an empanelled Hospital.

This was stated by Dr. Tushar A. Chaudhary, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha yesterday.

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